Wedding Videography San Antonio

An Enchanted Love Finds Its Home at Barr Mansion in Austin

“There were so many opportunities where you could have met before you did but God was saying, ‘Not yet’
….The waiting has been WORTH IT!”

This love story between the bride and groom has gone through many chapters in life to finally find its home. Samantha had actually written in her journal about her ideal dream husband just A WEEK before she met Josh. How crazy is that?! The cozy yet elegant scenery at Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas set the tone perfectly for their wedding day. When Josh finally caught his first look with his bride-to-be, you could instantly tell this couple was meant to be together for life. Tears, laughs, hugs and kisses - it was all there. I couldn't be more thankful to be their wedding videographer for the day and wish them the best on their new lives together!